Signature Cat Pendant

Signature Cat Pendant

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The Signature Cat Pendant is Susan Forde's own beloved design.

"Even though you may have been knocked down, the Cat always lands on her feet". - Susan Forde

This personal piece represents, independence and strength with a strong message for Women to hold themselves in high esteem.

Cats in ancient Egypt represented protection, fertility and motherhood and empowerment for all women.

The Cat Pendant is for women with grace and poise, intended to manifest within its wearer the sense of regalness and power. We wish for it's wearer to come into her own when wearing this piece becoming like the Cat embodying the symbol of Susan Forde's vision for all Women.  

This piece personifies traits of a feminine feline who likes to be stroked but has the courage to go out in to the world alone...

The Signature Cat Pendant is currently available in:

Sterling Silver or 18k Gold with a Diamond eye in your choice of colour.